Nothing new is ever said, and, yet, we are continuously inspired and bolstered by what others say and do. From their words and actions, we are able to throw our own spike into the dirt, dig our own trench, and make our own path.

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Stories, whether told over a bonfire or across the kitchen table, instill in us history, creativity, inspiration, and, sometimes, even lessons.

Maybe they are spooky and whispery, the stories’ characters slither through your mind, trouble your sleep, and cause everything to go bump in the night.

Or maybe they are stories that buckle your guts with laughter. Or stories that moisten your eyes and break your hearts.

There are stories that are challenging and uplifting, ridiculous and damn believable. You may find some here.


Musings, a reflection and meditation on anything that strikes my fancy. May my musings complement your own or inspire you to ponder different thought.

I’m a curious girl, wondering what people are feeling and experiencing, even birds and deer and inanimate objects. Nothing halts my mind from wandering and wondering.

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The day and age of the writing world—online portfolios. There’s no need to lug around a fancy folder with fancy clippings of written work to show anyone of interest. Now there’s online, as simple as a click of the mouse, you can see what I’m doing “out there” instead of always seeing what’s done “in here.”

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