I have two angels and a fairy sitting on my desk, watching me. A benign presence, simply there, reassurance that I’m not alone, that others think of me, know me, and wish me the best. There is comfort in that, even if I’m not in regular contact with those who gave them to me.

Each from a different person, at a different time, and for different reasons. And yet they embody a similar purpose, potency of breath and connection.

Wildflower seeds hang with the angels and fairy, not where they’re supposed to be, but a gentle reminder of summer and sun. Also from a lovely individual far from here but closer than she thinks.

Summer and sun bring hope of change, change of season, change of activities . . . the possibility of other manifestations sprouting and taking root.

Sometimes waiting is tiresome and seemingly forever, and then the question becomes, “Are we waiting? Or are we already there?”

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