The humming sails through the room on warmed air, finding me where I sit with a purring cat on my lap. Even with evening pressing against the windows and darkness swallowing the trees, it’s a reminder of what’s different.

A difference that lingers over cooling coffee. A difference that creates tentative stability that has slipped before, so why wouldn’t it slip now?

But it doesn’t, not yet.

Waiting, thinking of many things, while noticing and remarking silently about the difference as it permeates and alters everything.

Sun filters through piercing rain-laden clouds, and hope resides in the exchange of smiles and whispered I love you’s. These simple gifts are heavy but easy to carry.

Seconds pass, taking the stillness of not knowing and wondering, and gently pushes us forward.

To where, I don’t know, but forward momentum is good.

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