Smeared and rolled over, thoroughly

Obliterated and torn. We continue on

With barely a glance. Our impact is mighty,

Staunchly persistent. As we inhale, exhale,

Again for the day, tomorrow, we extend

Our ripple, forever multiplying.

Do we notice?

I pray and count. Sadness lingers, infiltrates.

I am impactful, persistent, perpetually

Wincing. Attempting to limit, to pray.

Watch, stay aware, as we traverse.

Reflective eyes, in darkness, continuing on

As always, each, in our turn, persisting.

Ours the detrimental claw scraping across

My tender heart, and yet I persist as all

Others do, trailing with justified reasoning.

A must response, seemingly, unfortunately.

Us, them, petulant and determinedly oblivious.

Stuck between trenchant pikes and keen rocks.

Image source: Pexels

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