Different Worlds

The world was hers for the reading. – Betty Smith, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn I try to convey this to my children, but my boys are more concerned with the newest tech gadget than books. As an avid reader, I’m flabbergasted, but then I have to consider the fact that my children’s world is substantially different than mine […]

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Surviving Life

Everyone is an ocean inside. Every individual walking the street. Everyone is a universe of thoughts, and insights, and feelings. But every person is crippled in his or her own way by our inability to truly present ourselves to the world. – Khaled Hosseini The journey of life is an interesting one, and each of […]

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Dose of Motivation

People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily. – Zig Ziglar I traveled home last weekend to attend the graveside services of my husband’s grandfather. He was an older gentleman, mid-nineties, and a World War II veteran. It was a fine service, even had the […]

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Rain pelts the ground, driving river streaks down my face and neck and chills my bones; my thin wool jacket soaks through. I should hurry home, but my feet stay leaden on the mountain road—another couple of miles to go.


Thief of Time

Procrastination is the thief of time. Collar him! – Charles Dickens Procrastination has been a friend of mine for a number of years, ever since I was a little girl. When I procrastinate I don’t seem to get far in my life. The fact being, if I want to get somewhere, procrastination needs to become a […]

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Awake to Madness

Writing books is certainly a most unpleasant occupation. It is lonesome, unsanitary, and maddening. Many authors go crazy. – H.L. Mencken This is humorous to me and relatable to my own experience with writing. There are days when I feel a sense of accomplishment at having written, and I’m jacked and ready to write more, unable […]

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Translucent Presence

Our translucence is present And viable. A puzzle piece standing vigil, Secured in the corner, similar to glue. Quiet and tall as sacred totem poles do In the night as wild beasts pass. We say little, Displaying nothing other than a heart. Wind pushes cold air. Clouds billow Overhead laden with rain. A storm rumbles and shrieks, […]

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