I blink, want to shutter my eyes, not sure what elseTo say. No words penetrate my mind. I’m uncomfortable.I need to let you go, but you refuse to release your grip,So I remain. Tender loss perambulates, quickens my heart,Entrenches me in grief as if you died, but you sit before me.You demand something, a splint […]


Time Spent with Friends

Time spent with friends, some new, some familiar—talking, listening, laughing, crying—here we are together, a promise given to me some years ago. To live this life with these friends, to walk this journey with them, with you, I know I’ve been blessed to experience such a life, one worth living, worth witnessing. Gratitude I’m told […]

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Translucent Presence

Our translucence is present And viable. A puzzle piece standing vigil, Secured in the corner, similar to glue. Quiet and tall as sacred totem poles do In the night as wild beasts pass. We say little, Displaying nothing other than a heart. Wind pushes cold air. Clouds billow Overhead laden with rain. A storm rumbles and shrieks, […]

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