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About Me

I’m a woman who rides. There is unbelievable joy in rolling on the throttle and racing down a corridor plum-full of tight corners and speedy straightaways. A motorcycle is truly the only way to achieve this vibrant sensation of mind and body.

I’m a woman who writes. Writing is to live outside one’s own body, partake in the essence of another land, another mind, another time, and all of it is created in-house where anything can happen and does.

I’m a woman who laughs and loves. To fully witness and cherish those around me. To love them as they are is a phenomenal grace, which I try and tap into daily.

I’m a woman who celebrates yoga. The pure presence of being when in asana. The path of stillness when experiencing the mind’s quiet. The fire that burns in the body when staying with the breath of life. The essence of the moment. All are available and potent healers.

I’m a woman who plays the banjo. Pluck, pluck, pluck!!

Most of all, I’m a woman who strives to enjoy life, each day, every day, to the best of my ability.

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