Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.

– Pablo Picasso

I think dishes qualify. Or vacuuming. Or cleaning windows and folding clothes. Hell, cleaning clothes at all. Paying bills should be tacked onto the list, or replying to emails that really shouldn’t need a reply.

Taking out the garbage. Organizing linen or silverware. Pulling weeds and picking up dog poop or cleaning litter boxes. No one really wants to do those three.

Buying groceries, balancing checkbooks, ironing shirts or dresses, changing sheets and car filters and getting gas for the truck, shoveling snow.

Geez, the list is never ending, all things that truly could be left undone and death’s arrival would not result in regretting any of them.

The funny thing is that most of the things listed above get done, leaving no room for what would and does generate regret if left undone.

What are we putting off? Is there something we need to say? Or do? Or maybe there’s somewhere we need to go. Or maybe it’s more about what needs to be let go of more than anything, whether material possessions or emotional disturbances or mental obsessions.

We must do mundane, routine chores, that’s a given, otherwise life would get pretty mucky and aromatic and we might lose our jobs or not eat.

But we also need to not distract ourselves with so much routine we forget to forge on with adventure, spontaneity, dreams, and challenges.

Some potential-regrettable’s are out of reach financially. Some we may not physically be well enough to do. With honesty and courage we can weed out the impossible to reveal the possible.

Simple things. Loving someone. Volunteering. Starting a business. Writing a book. Traveling. Speaking our truth. Standing up for someone. Standing up for ourselves. Laughing more. Relaxing more. Exercising more or less, depending on your tendency to overdo. Eating better. Dancing and twirling and hobbies and staying up too late. I don’t know. The possibilities are endless.

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