Those who lack the courage will always find a philosophy to justify it.

– Albert Camus

Courage doesn’t exist without fear, and yet, sometimes fear is where all things stop and root into the earth, never to leave, never to breathe, never to shine.

The stall out would need to be justified, wouldn’t it? A plausible excuse for what’s not occurring and never will because fear has had its way.

One would need to find peace with what they’ve set aside or discarded. I know, for I’ve done it in various ways. A turning away occurs, so I won’t see what I’ve set down, all reasoned for necessities’ sake.

And, maybe, there are times where fear is the prudent, best-action reason to stall indefinitely, waiting for the supposed right time . . . Or maybe not.

Courage requires a hand-holding of my fear—that unbearable feeling of cold and bone-chilling ache that splinters my ease and comfort, that hitches the air in my lungs and shutters my eyes from wanting to see.

Oh, to have courage… to step forward regardless. Regardless of the splintering and breaking and chill that seeps into and twists my insides.

Fear, seemingly a requirement, though not the only ingredient needed. Faith is what quiets the mind, strengthens the spine, tightens the grip on fears frozen fingers, and moves anyway.

For some, faith is threaded to religion, though that need not be the only way to find faith or utilize faith.

Faith lays wait at every turn: faith in the car starting, faith in the day’s errands ticking off the list, faith in that the family dinner will occur because it was planned, faith that waking up from sleep is an option today, faith that righting a wrong is possible tomorrow.

Faith perseverates our existence. We need only reach out and call its name.


Image Source: Pixabay

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