You are never given a dream without also being given the power to make it true. You may have to work for it, however.

– Richard Bach

Is this true? Am I given what I need to accomplish whatever dream rattles my bones and compels me to push forward? Some days I believe that and other days I don’t.

A 100% belief is really not needed to commence. I need only a sliver of faith to put forth effort toward my dream. And part of that faith or belief is not that I’ll succeed but that I will know I didn’t give up before I tried.

Failure is inevitable, and depending on the day I may fail multiple times. I may fail to use my turn signal, but I don’t stop driving. I may fail to return a phone call, but I call when I remember. I may fail to use the right heat setting when cooking, but I don’t stop eating.

I may fail to remember to use deodorant one morning, but I don’t become a hermit never to be seen again. I may fail to follow through on a project at work, but I acknowledge and begin again.

But, God forbid, that I believe I will fail at my dream. That belief will stifle my action, stall me in procrastination, and ensure my failure. Then I will use my fear to justify the reasoning that I never had it in me anyway and it was a good thing I never tried.


Throwing away what I think I know about the future is the best thing I can do. I don’t know if I’ll fail or not. I don’t know if I’ll have setbacks or not. All I need know is that I dream and that dream resonates in my blood.

I may or may not have what it takes “to make it true”, but I won’t know until I “work for it”. And, why wouldn’t I? What an adventure to move toward what I can become, whether I arrive or not.


Image Source: Pixaby

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