I sat with a friend a few days ago, me drinking an Americano and her a chai, and discussed our lives and perceptions. We’ve changed over the years, a little wiser, possibly a little smarter, but definitely happier. We touched on spirituality and what that means, our families and loved ones.

As we dug further into our stories and experiences, we uncovered gratitude, a brilliant light of breath and awareness. Our time together altered our vision and our feelings. We left one another a little lighter but fuller, a fullness rich with connectedness and love.

I needed the time we shared that day.

I needed the light of gratitude to warm my skin and steady my hands. I needed to feel tethered and secure in knowing that whatever comes down the pipe is not without silver linings, even if dulled and in need of polishing.

Life is a mixed bag of adventure and devastation, love and joy, and everything else in between. There are times of fresh graveled roads, where the bumps are at a minimum, and then there are times where the road is filled with boulder after boulder and the hope of getting through seems implausible.

I used to trudge my road alone, believing I needed to know everything myself, and with utter perfection. Today I know there is always someone around who knows something more than I do, someone who, if I ask, will sit with me and offer their experiences and willingness.

What a gift.

Image Source: Pixabay

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