Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm. 

– Winston Churchill

Not an easy order, I can tell you that. I can’t say I haven’t lost my enthusiasm from time to time, actually, more than I want to admit.

But I can say that today I am able to move “from one failure to another”. Even if my  enthusiasm isn’t great, the willingness to keep plodding along is fortifying too.

Regardless of how enthusiastic I am, keeping the momentum going has always paid off.

How can we cultivate our enthusiasm? Our drive to move forward when it feels as if the world has fallen in around us, clapped our ears and minds?

Perspective seems to be key.

Remembering that I am a small part in a larger picture, and that, really, my failures are not the big fish I think they are.

I am just one of many, tramping along, living life, trying new, beginning anew, periodically falling down and then learning how to get up again.

Maybe my failures don’t matter that much except to teach me what not to do next time. Similar to a child taking its first steps. They stumble and fall. They bounce from the couch to the chair to the floor.

They giggle or cry, but they keep getting up and trying again and again. We encourage them, cheer them on, and tell them they can do it.

Our success stems from our faltering effort and attempts, our willingness to persevere. We are no different than the child learning to walk. We must “go from one failure to another” and do our best to not lose our enthusiasm.

Our enthusiasm sparks hope and creativity. We reach toward what we dream, whether our dream is grand or small. Whatever we may dream, there is possibility, even if that possibility lie only in the trying.

Image Source: Pixaby

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