I knew when I moved back to Montana this last spring, I would enter a transitional period. A time where I would settle my roots and begin to grow where I was planted.

And even though the soil and air were familiar, I knew that this transition, though shorter in comparison to moving somewhere new, would still occur. My experience has been that changes in my life, whether great or small, will generate a time of transition from what was to what now is.

A mixture of feelings and reconciliation have accompanied this current transition, as they do with all my transitions. I have had moments when I have felt connected and other times when I haven’t.

Grief colors these moments of disconnection – for what was, no longer is. I’ve had to allow for all those rumblings of movement to coexist, whether graceful or not, and trust that I will once again become settled and restored.

The grief over what’s gone will lessen, though this doesn’t mean I will forget or ignore where I was or what I used to be doing, but more that I’m not pining for it anymore. I will become okay with where I am, more accepting of the details of my daily living.

During this transition from moving from Wyoming to Montana, the one thing that has been a constant connection for me has been yoga. There are days when I haven’t necessarily felt the fine weave of connectedness with the action I take each day, but when I unroll my mat and lower to Child Pose to begin my practice I am suddenly tapped in – connected.

Yoga for me is a physical practice that transcends my being from my physical form to a spiritual one, allowing me to connect with a divine energy that nourishes me internally and is forever-deep. Each asana (pose) moves me closer to that connection and all the things I know or are beginning to know in a spiritual sense culminates.

I am released from me and my supposed wants and discontentedness. I connect and am quiet. My roots inch into the earth a little more and my breath slows. These moments are indispensable.

There is no time frame for this transition or for any other I’ve experienced. Each transition will be its own and will carry with it its own lessons and growth opportunities. With time my roots will shoot deeper into the earth and I will feel an ever increasing connectedness with all that I do and with all who I come in contact with. I only need to show up for the experiencing of it.

And with that showing up, practicing yoga is a mainstay for me, a forever-connection to divine energy and humanity.

Image Source: Pixaby

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