Where Did You Find Yours?

I’ve discovered writers by reading books left in airplane seats and weird hotels.

– Lee Child

One of my favorite reads was found in a 7-11 while working the night shift. I scoured the tiny rack of books that was stuffed behind the front doors, looking past the obvious romance novels, and landed on one cover that didn’t seem too “cheesy” – Diana Gabaladon’s Outlander

Once I started reading I couldn’t stop and found myself enthralled and overwhelmed with a life I would have dived into if I could have gotten away with it. Who wouldn’t want to travel in time to the 1700’s and live in a world not their own?

Some books may try but others will conquer the ultimate, which is to abscond with their reader to the nether reaches of another world. These books may pull you in so deep that your own world becomes irrelevant, replaceable even.

At the time I was reading Gabaldon’s fantastic adventure, I needed to get out of my life, get a new perspective, get a reprieve from me and all that I was doing. Needless to say, life wasn’t that inspiring, and there was nothing that hinted at anything getting different either. If anything, the likelyhood of things getting worse was strong and seemingly inevitable.

Thank goodness for that slow nightshift at the 7-11 and that lonely book rack that no one ever noticed. Even a book can give us something to hold on to. Something to live for, you could say.

The cool thing about books, is that they can be found anywhere, at any time, and some times they are found in places that one wouldn’t consider, and sometimes the best are found there, the ones that lead us to the next bread crumb in our lives that then leads us to where we really need to be.

I know a guy that found a book, one that changed the course of his life, in a barrel on a fishing boat somewhere out in the Atlantic. Others have found a writer they needed to read on the bench at the local bus depot or on the coffee table in their doctor’s office. And still others found theirs in their friend’s bathroom or while standing in line for a cup of tea.

The idea, I believe, is to never stop looking. And never stop reading. What’s needed is sometimes found in the oddest of places from the oddest of sources.


Image Source: Pixabay

2 thoughts on “Where Did You Find Yours?

  1. I love stories about the surprise discovery of an amazing book. I found one in the “cheap” pile at a used book sale at the library here in Missoula; Eastern Approaches by Fitzroy Maclean. The author served as a British diplomat in Moscow in the late 1930’s. He managed to explore Soviet Central Asia under the radar of the security services. He wrote of his experiences and included as background details on the history, culture, art and architecture of a thriving Islamic society at the time Europe was entering the “Dark Ages”. I was enthralled. I read the book until it fell apart; then ordered a new one. I began reading as much as I could find about the region and the Silk Road that tied it together. Finally in 2011, I decided I had to see it for myself. I’ve now been there three times and I’ve had adventures I never could have imagined.


    1. That’s amazing! I love the journey you describe with Eastern Approaches. We just never know where books are going to take us. I haven’t had a chance to go yet, but I’d love to visit Scotland, my desire for going spurred by a book I read.


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