This Thanksgiving

I began this day cleaning the kitchen to prepare for making pie crust for an apple pie. Several years ago my intention in the kitchen would have been imbued with urgency and impatience – too many things to do and not enough time.

Of course, under all that would have been the drive for perfection too. Talk about adding fuel to the fire. And before that, there were times when cooking anything would have been improbable and not wanted. And I definitely wouldn’t have been grateful.

This morning wasn’t like that. Most of my mornings aren’t like that anymore, which I’m continuously grateful for. My attitude toward gratitude has changed, as has my willingness to do a lot of things that I used to think were lame.

This morning I washed dishes, glad to see I had soap. The water was warm and the soap bubbles slippery. Music played on the stereo and the sun shined through the kitchen window. The grasses and leaves outside glistened from an early morning rain and the sage shimmered its silvery hue.

Once the kitchen was prepped, I collected each ingredient to make the crust and then the filling for the pie. I watched everything come together, as I prayed and breathed out gratitude for this day, for my family, for this life I’ve been given.

Today is truly no different than any other. Today just offers a moment of pause to acknowledge our thankfulness, which may then trigger the willingness to do so everyday. I extend happiness to you this Thanksgiving and wish you the best.

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