Rummaging for Writers: Ani King

I search for other writers, tellers of story that envelope me, take me elsewhere, inspire me to think, feel, and, most of all, remember.

Today I found Ani King on Sixpenny & Co. Her piece Music Our Mothers Made reminded me of many things, how I used to live my life, the crazed adventure of any given day, and how I thought of little else.

I’m very much so a “careful mother” now, though I wouldn’t say motherhood is what brought on my carefulness. Too much adventure can have the same affect as well.

My mother, on the other hand, was not as adventurous as I was, which was probably for the better, considering the stories that populate my past.

For my two young boys, new to this world and display definite wolf tendencies, I can only hope their adventures and wildness add to their lives rather than deplete them.

Though, all experiences, regardless of how they are categorized, add flavor and color to our stories, for hindsight offers distance and wisdom. If we survive, right? (Oh, the humor of experience!)

If you get a chance, check out her piece. Music Our Mothers Made is not long, easily consumed in a few minutes, and well worth your time. You’re always welcome to comment, voice your thoughts on her piece or anything else.


One thought on “Rummaging for Writers: Ani King

  1. I was drawn to this piece by the generational evolution depicted. The young wolves in my life are my grandsons. While their parents have evolved to be cautious, protective and restrictive, I want to buy them knives and BB guns and build campfires in the woods. I am informed that I have changed (“when we went to the movies a whole bucket of popcorn and our own Mountain Dew were unhealthy”). I have joyfully evolved into a newer role.


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