Yes, Indeed.

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

– Dr. Seuss

I’ve recently moved to another state, a familiar one this time. There is comfort in familiar places and known people.

When I moved to Wyoming four years ago, I had to limit how many “new” things I would do in one day because everything was new. All that newness overwhelmed at times.

I don’t have to do that now, though the line between new and old is blurry here, because even though it’s familiar it’s different. Even with things not being new per se they are new in another way.

And because there is nothing neither old nor new here, I’m in between, hovering over the ground I need to settle my roots in.

I am transitioning and transitioning takes a bit of time.

I met up with friends over coffee this morning, which was a complete delight, and yet, as I sat with them, I missed my other-state friends.

There is loss and grief, happiness and gratitude, similar to what I assume ghosts would feel if they looked through their veil of existence to ours.

That may sound depressing, but it doesn’t to me, because I know it will pass. And underneath the loss is exactly what Dr. Seuss says: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

Yes, Indeed. So, today I “smile because it happened.”

P.S. Plus, I know I get to visit in October. Hurray!


One thought on “Yes, Indeed.

  1. You can move or go back ” home ” and it’s not the same just as we are not the same. Thank you Dr. Seuss for saying it so simply.

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