Which Road Will You Take?

People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they’re not on your road doesn’t mean they’ve gotten lost.

– H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

After visiting a friend yesterday, who relayed a story about her first childbearing experience and the challenges she had with the hospital staff, I was straddled with the idea on how natural it is for us humans to expect everyone to think the same as ourselves.

If others don’t think the same, then there is something wrong with them; that is, they are lost, they are in the dark ages, they aren’t smart, etc.

This quote from Brown connects to my thoughts, my perception that somehow I’m on the right road and others aren’t if we’re not “seeking fulfillment and happiness” in the same way.

Interesting. Not an idea of myself that I necessarily appreciate or enjoy, though I guess the awareness of it is what’s needed for the thought to dissipate.

Not only do I periodically place myself in a box with no escape hatch, I also place other people in what I consider “appropriate” boxes too. Of course, my thinking is faulty, because neither myself nor them need to be put in a box.

As individuals living life, we are forever evolving and changing, or so the hope goes.

When I start sizing up a box for my fellow humans, it’s best if I stop and think. Why do I want to put them in a box? Am I stuffing myself in one too? That’s usually the case.

If I’m intent on packing you away, I’ve already applied postage to my own box and am forever destined to be inadequate in some shape or form. Or the alternative to being inadequate: grander than anyone else to the point of not having friends, or, at least, not any close friends.

Both destinations my packaging can lead me to seem awfully lonely and not worth it.

I’ve decided it’s alright that you aren’t on my road. You have your own, and I’m sure it’s what you need, as mine is for me.

When we get together, if we ever have the chance to, we’ll have something to talk about—differences do create titillating conversation.


Originally posted May 27, 2015. Reposted now with edits.



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