Cornerstone of Life

A man of knowledge lives by acting, not by thinking about acting.

– Carlos Castandea

The cornerstone of life, or so it seems to me, is the doing of life rather than the thinking of it, though thought does have its place.

Life used to be something I considered with very little doing attached, more the scenario of me drinking coffee (or whatever deemed needed that day) while my brain rambled with thoughts about everything and everyone. Grand schemes and ideas multiplied unchecked.

I was so busy thinking about my schemes and ideas that I never actually did any of them. Or, if on the rare occurrence I attempted to implement one, I wouldn’t follow through; I was convinced it wasn’t worth it or that I would fail anyway so why try.

Thinking is needed to formulate a plan, for sure, but then I need to execute the plan. I can think all day about writing or being a writer or publishing or having people read my writing, but if I don’t write and put it out there, my thoughts are nothing more than bumper cars bumping into one another, going nowhere.

I desire to write and play the banjo. I desire to be the best mom I can be and have a loving relationship with my husband. I desire to be healthy and fit. For these desires to truly manifest in my life I have to practice doing them.

I practice sitting each day and writing, even if my head tells me nothing good will come of it. I practice plucking my banjo, even though I can’t always see my progress. I practice being the best mom I can be by learning from others and attempting to put love before fear.

I practice yoga. I walk, meditate, pray, and eat well, so I can have health and fitness in my life. I practice loving my husband as he is not as I expect him to be.

Am I perfect? Heck no! I make mistakes and have to begin again, but I think that’s the important part—beginning again.

Sometimes I need help outside my own thoughts to start over, which requires me asking for guidance from others. This means I need to be vulnerable and willing enough to admit I don’t know everything; a deflation of pride and ego, which isn’t always easy to bear.

I know now that my fear of the unknown is the main reason I delay taking action, ultimately, because I know I don’t have any control if what’s to come is unknown to me.

But I also know I don’t have to stay stuck in that fear if I truly don’t want to. I can take affirmative action and create avenues for my desires to come forth, merge with the reality of my life.

I can ask for guidance if I don’t know what to do and have fun with taking a chance.

All in all, I have two alternatives: delay action because of fear of the unknown or take affirmative action regardless of what I perceive the outcome will be.

The doing of life becomes the ultimate of life. Life begins to herald joy rather than drudgery and victimhood.




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