Dose of Motivation

People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.

– Zig Ziglar

I traveled home last weekend to attend the graveside services of my husband’s grandfather. He was an older gentleman, mid-nineties, and a World War II veteran. It was a fine service, even had the Twenty-One Gun Salute.

We stayed for an extra two days to visit family and friends, since we were in our hometown. Our visit went well enough and fun was to be had and all that, but when we arrived home it was a somewhat different story.

Between visits of our hometown and where we live now there is a transitional period I move through. This transitional period is on its own time frame and lacks little motivation for doing much.

I have no motivation to write or do yoga or hike, nothing, except shower and sleep. It sounds deeply depressing, but it’s really not. It’s more like I’m a tree that hasn’t drilled its roots into the earth yet. Time slows to an absolute crawl and all movement is viewed from the tiniest seconds of inhale to exhale.

I know this is what will occur. I am familiar with these transitional phases from visiting my hometown, which I miss greatly, to arriving home, which is where I live now. This transition is not from a lack of goodness in this new home of ours. This transition stems more from the bittersweetness of leaving our old home.

A long story leading to a short connection, the gist is I laughed when I read this, and thought very much so is a bath similar to motivation. Each day since arriving home, I’ve had to recommend myself a dose of motivation, and each day I’ve settled my roots into the earth a little more.

Today, I feel motivated to grow where I’m planted.


*Originally posted March 17, 2015 on old blog

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