Masks and frightening costumes,

scaring friend and stranger alike.

Stringed glow sticks, bulbous spiders,

spindly legs, warped goblin heads,

rotten teeth, foul breath.

“Ward off the evil and the dead,” parents say.

Giant pumpkins, jagged teeth, menacing eyes,

luring small kiddies in with treats instead of tricks.

Mummies slumbering in doorways.

Dead bodies littering leaf-covered yards.

Screaming witches cackle and

lunge from dark shadows—

teeth yellowed, long nails curled, and putrid green.

Shrieking laugher screeches,

warlocks and broomsticks.

The ever-watching moon,

shining brightly from its perfect height.

Hide where you must, don’t linger long!

This night take care.

Be wary of sweet clowns, they are sly as

the werewolves baring sharpened teeth.

Protect your children from wild spirits and ghouls,

all things living face the dead

this wicked, wicked night.

Image source: Pexels

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